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APAC- ELT Convention 2018
Llengües Estrangeres/Plurilingüisme - Agenda d'activitats


La 32a edició de l'APAC-ELT Convention tindrà lloc els dies 1, 2 i 3 de febrer 2018 a la Universitat Pompeu Fabra- Campus Ciutadella, amb el lema "RETHINKING TEACHING: NEW CHALLENGES & NEW SOLUTIONS".
Si cliqueu a l'enllaç, us dirigirà a la nova pàgina web de l'APAC, on  trobareu més informació sobre la Convention, el formulari d'inscripció i el programa previst. Més de 40 sessions adreçades als diversos nivells educatius, i amb els ponents plenaris Daniel Barber, Kieran Donaghy, Olga Esteve, Mark Griffiths, Lola Garay, Gabby Maguire, Pere Cortiella, Ian Gibbs, Colm Boyd and Christian Negre.
Animeu-vos! And enjoy the APAC- ELT 32nd Convention 2018!
II Trobada d'actualització de didàctica de llengües estrangeres
Llengües Estrangeres/Plurilingüisme - Agenda d'activitats

Aquesta segona trobada se centrarà en els processos d'adquisició de la competència comunicativa a partir de l'apropament a diferents disciplines.



VIII Seminari Internacional: L'aula com a àmbit d'investigació sobre l'ensenyament i l'aprenentatge de la llengua
Llengües Estrangeres/Plurilingüisme - Agenda d'activitats

El seminari internacional L’aula com a àmbit d’investigació sobre l’ensenyament i l’aprenentatge de llengües és un espai en què diversos grups de recerca comparteixen estudis i reflexions al voltant de la recerca feta a l’aula en l’àmbit de la didàctica de la llengua/llengües.

Dates de realització 26 i 27 de gener, Universitat de Vic.

 Coordinació: Grup de Recerca en Educació, Llenguatge i Literatura (Departament de Didàctica de la llengua i la literatura, Facultat d’Educació, Traducció i Ciències Humanes).


APAC 2017. Call for papers
Llengües Estrangeres/Plurilingüisme - Agenda d'activitats

This year’s Convention aims at reflecting on the ins-and-outs of this multi-faceted profession and on the training and skills required to be not only English teachers, but actually effective educators to equip our students for the real world.

Jornades APAC 2016
Llengües Estrangeres/Plurilingüisme - Agenda d'activitats

APAC is now about to celebrate 30 years of existence!!!

30 Years Connecting The Dots! ELT Convention 2016

The convention this year will be as open as ever, aiming at providing different and challenging sessions, including – of course – our usual hands-on practical sessions, but also sessions commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and sessions reflecting on the role of teachers in rather difficult times.

The choice of the 2016 conference theme was inspired by Steve Jobs’ Commencement Address at Stanford in 2005 where he shared with the audience how he felt that both his failures and his successes, his real interests, and his  easy-way-out-choices had had a role in his professional career. Steve Jobs looked back and saw that his life story was the result of the connection of all the steps he had taken previously.  

II Jornada sobre innovació i bones pràctiques educatives a l'aula d'anglès: Transversalitat i Integració
Llengües Estrangeres/Plurilingüisme - Agenda d'activitats

Data: Dimarts, 28 d’abril de 2015

Lloc: Auditori Cardenal Jubany de la Facultat de Psicologia,

Ciències de l’Educació i de l’Esport Blanquerna – URL. Carrer Císter, 34 – 08022 Barcelona.

Workshops for Teachers
Llengües Estrangeres/Plurilingüisme - Agenda d'activitats

Workshops for  Teachers

APAC and the British Council will be holding a series of workshops for teachers of secondary and primary during April.

All workshops will be held between 18.30 – 20.30 at The British Council Calle Amigó 83, Barcelona:

  • April 8:  Motivating Through Pronunciation

    Our main goal is not only to make teachers aware of the relevance of pronunciation, but also to encourage educators to incorporate vowel and consonant sounds in their daily basic practice. Likewise, we want to show that working on sounds that differ from our mother tongue can be very engaging for students and a powerful tool to make our lessons more interesting. In our presentation we are going to discuss four main aspects: introduction to the most challenging sounds for our students through motivating games, working with stress and intonation with engaging activities, using ICT as a powerful and genuine resource and providing a wide range of ready-to-use activities for teachers. Moreover, we are going to share real experiences carried out in our lessons and proved to be successful!

    M. Del Mar Rodríguez & Carmen Santamaria

This workshop is for teachers of primary

  • April 16:  Story Telling with Primaries (6 – 10 years old )

    Using stories in the classroom is an important part of a child’s learning.  This session not only focuses on how to tell stories well, but also how to keep young learners engaged and focused.  Stories can be used effectively as part of your classroom routine along with providing starting points for many other classroom activities.

    Rebecca Milner

    This workshop is for teachers of primary
  • April 22:  The Language Class: Teaching and Learning through Drama

    This is a workshop for teachers of English who wish to explore the possibilities of Drama in Education with their classes.

    There’ll be a constant focus not only on language learning but also on transcurricular competences such as collaboration, self-confidence, initiative and creativity. 

    We will experiment with a few drama techniques and reflect on the various processes at work for the benefit of our pupils in the language class.

    Catherine St. Jean

    This workshop is for teachers of secondary
  • April 30: An introduction to Critical Thinking

    Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning tells us that “higher-order” thinking skills create more meaningful and memorable learning experiences. By exploring critical theory and applying it to EFL methodology, this workshop will present an alternative to activities that just ask our students to memorise and regurgitate the language. It will put forward a more analytical approach that instead motivates the student to actively engage with English on a personal, creative and critical level.

    Philippa Davies

    This workshop is for teachers of secondary

If you would like to attend the workshops, please send an email to and include:

·       Which workshop/s you would like to attend

·       Your name

·       Your email

·       Where you work

There will be a limit of twenty for each workshop. They are free!!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in April.


APAC Convention 2015- "The Dynamics of Motivation"
Llengües Estrangeres/Plurilingüisme - Agenda d'activitats

Benvolguts associats i associades,

Avui falta exactament un mes per a l'inici de l'APAC Convention 2015 que té per lema "The Dynamics of Motivation".
Recordeu que la sessió inaugural serà el 19 de febrer a les 4 de la tarda (Universitat Pompeu Fabra/Campus Ciutadella). Aquest any tenim el priviliegi de comptar amb la Dra. Joan Kang Shin de la Universitat de Maryland (USA) que presentarà la ponència The Keys To Motivating 21st Century Learners .

Us hi esperem!

Llegeix-ne més...
APAC Convention 2015
Llengües Estrangeres/Plurilingüisme - Agenda d'activitats

APAC Convention 2015. February 19th, 20th & 21st

The Dynamics of Motivation

Motivation has always been considered one of the most important factors in the process of teaching and learning a foreign language, and it is equally crucial for learners and for teachers. Researchers have tried to characterise motivation, and have identified the differences and similarities between external and internal motivation and worked hard at enhancing motivation inside and outside the classroom. We at APAC have discussed and problematised such issues in past Conventions and have decided on this topic for the 2015 Convention.