Agenda d'activitats
XVII International Conference of the Italian Association of Applied Linguistics
AICLE / CLIL / EMILE - Agenda d'activitats

Using Second Languages

University of Naples L’Orientale - Second University of Naples

23-25 February 2017

Napoli - Santa Maria di Capua Vetere

Think CLIL 2014
AICLE / CLIL / EMILE - Agenda d'activitats

Think CLIL 2014

Alongside learning,teaching,researching and manging CLIL, focus will be on transversal features including thinking, well-being and change management.

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Good CLIL Practice in Catalonia
AICLE / CLIL / EMILE - Agenda d'activitats

Curs Comenius: Good CLIL (Science) Practice

The course will build teaching competences specific to CLIL. The main emphasis will be on evidence-based practice. Differentiated small-group sessions will be organized to guarantee the specific needs of participants will be met.